Frances Amoss

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Interview with Frances Amoss

by Darren Harte at Campus West

19th February 2020

Mrs. Amoss is a retired primary school teacher from Rollswood (now Commonswood) Primary School in Welwyn Garden City. She was originally from Ely as a child then moved to London with her family. Later she married and moved to Welwyn Garden City with her husband who was a police officer and her 2 young children. Mrs. Amoss began teaching in September 1972 at Rollswood as a part time teacher. She recalls her time there and recounts field trips to Tring Museum with follow up picnics with pupils in the Ashridge Forest. Mrs. Amoss remembers many of the people she worked with and the streets they lived on and how the school was usually within walking distance for all the staff and students which created a close-knit community. Her grandson has also chosen to work in the teaching profession in Welwyn Garden City and she shares some of their conversations about how teaching has changed over time between her experiences and his today. Franses feels the focus of teaching has switched from a more factual based teaching model to a more social awareness style of teaching because of technical innovations like the internet. Now, in retirement, Mrs. Amoss enjoys gardening, arts, theatre and architecture clubs, is a member of groups with regular luncheons and enjoys line dancing locally.




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  • I was friends with Mrs Amoss’s daughter, Lindy, who was in my class at school. I remember going to Mrs Amoss’s house for Lindy’s birthday party. A lovely, kind lady.

    By Jane Maxwell (Hamer) (13/09/2023)