Barcley Corsets

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Barcley Corsets was a major competitor to Spirella of Letchworth, but seems to be less well known.

We would love to find more information on this company. Did you work for them – or did you ever own a Barcley corset?

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  • The famous corsetier, Ethel Granger, had her corsets (and those of her special customers) made to order by Barcleys.

    By Paul King (12/01/2020)
  • I visited the factory in about 1957, when I was around 13. My great uncle (my father’s uncle) showed us around. I think he was pretty high up in the company hierarchy, maybe managing director. His name was Bill Stallwood – does anyone remember him? Born in December 1899.

    By Christopher Stallwood (28/11/2012)
  • I started work in the pricing dept. aged 15yrs and 1month on the 25th July 1965. We were not allowed to go onto the grand staircase but I used to peek around the door to have a look at the chandelier that was suspended over the staircase, it was very beautiful. I earned £3 17shillings a week and gave a £1 to my Mum.Happy days.

    By Jan (23/01/2012)