Welwyn Toys

By Susi Smith

Toy production
Welwyn Garden City Library

This photograph of Welwyn Toys is in the Local Studies Collection at Welwyn Garden City Library. Many of the photographs in the library’s collection have details of where and what the photo illustrates, but Welwyn Toys is a bit of a mystery.

The photograph is likely to have been taken in the 1920s, as the ladies are wearing thick shiny stockings and have wonderfully crimped hair. Little wooden rabbits and other animals can be seen on the shelves and windowsills.

Further research now suggests this could be Nancy Catford, Toy Manufacturer, in Bridge Road East. The company was based in a unit in Bridge Road East but had disappeared from the town by 1937.  Do you know where they went?

Can anyone help fill in the details

Does anyone know who the ladies are in the photograph?

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