Creswick School

The early days

By Peter Gardner

I moved to Welwyn Garden City with my parents when I was seven.  At that time Creswick school had not been built and so during my first year in Welwyn Garden City, I had to attend Howlands school which was in The Commons.

My school friends and I used to play on the building sites around our houses after school and in the holidays, we even played on the foundations of Creswick school before the school was built.

At that time Chequers stopped at the end of Howlands just outside the school fence.  It was only several years later that the road was extended through the woods to join up with Ascots Lane at Mill Green.

The first headmaster of Creswick was Mr. Grafton.  My father James Gardner and a group of friends and neighbours formed a social club which met in the classrooms and the school hall.  When numbers increased they moved the clubs activities to the Hyde House in Hollybush Lane.  The club then became known as The Hyde Club.

Before they left the school, the club presented Creswick school with the house challenge cup which I think they still use.

In the photograph my Father on the left of the picture is seen presenting the cup to Mr. Grafton.

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  • I attended Creswick J M I school from I think 1957 when it opened, to 1961, when I was transferred to the Howard School after failing the 11 plus exam. Yes I do remember Mr Grafton, the Headmaster. He loved to play classical music at the start of the daily assembly and used to ask us the name of the piece. It was probably a reason why I still like that style of music.

    We were all caned by Mr Grafton after having ‘charged’ the infants (we were juniors). Not sure why we did it though! This was in the playingfields. The only other teachers I can remember are Mr Ashmore and Mr Branwight.

    I also remember when Chequers ended at Howlands. Out of school, we used to scramble over the clods of earth that the construction vehicles made in forging a route through the woods down to Mill Hill and the Green Man pub.

    And there was another time when a car crash had taken place at the corner of Howlands with Chequers. The two cars seemed to remain there for some time afterwards but perhaps only in my imagination. Does anyone know why Creswick school eventually closed?

    By Adrian States (23/03/2021)
  • I was presented with the cup as boys team captain when Australia house won the sports day in, I think, summer 1968. My last year there. I seem to remember a Shani McGee (?) represented the girls. Can’t believe there isn’t a trace of the place left now. Happy days.

    By John Lee (07/02/2020)