Dennis Martin: Welwyn Dept Store Foodhall Memories.

Dennis Martin

Other memories I have of the Welwyn Dept Store Foodhall are the wonderful comradeship there was between all the staff in the Foodhall.

Myself, Simon and Bill would go over to the Cherry Tree pub after work to have a few beers talk about the day play backgammon.

Had many great years on the fruit and veg department, the customers only wanting the best. The seasons of fruit and veg, first of the season Jersey Royal new potatoes ( little tubs).

The hours building Christmas displays.

The fish department when they started selling rabbits, the cheese and cold meats counter.
Brilliant produce throughout.

Not sure if Simon and Bill are still alive but would like to catch up somehow.

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  • Hi Simon. They were great days. Brilliant memories.
    Yourself, Bill, Ella and the others were fun to work with.
    I live in Cairns Queensland Australia these days.
    Wonderful part of the world.
    I still follow Tottenham.

    By Dennis Martin (25/11/2023)
  • Hi Simon. The biggest issue with catching up these days is that I live in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia.
    Never know I may get over there or you over here.
    Cairns is a great place to live.

    By Dennis Martin (24/11/2023)
  • I remember shopping in the food hall with my mother. There was a very nice young man on the bacon counter and Mum was very fond of him

    By Pat Thomas (13/10/2023)
  • Hi dennis its simon
    I remember those days like yesterday,im obviously still about and living in shefford in bedfordshire.
    Remember the space invader machines in the cherry tree pub which is now waitrose,
    Names i remember working on the fruit and veg counter were: bill, ashley,rob,ella and mark who had the the geordie accent. Also going to the social club on the roof with the full sized snooker table.
    Not sure where bill is, i lost contact with him many years ago.
    Would be great to catch up dennis.

    By Simon crawford (12/04/2023)