Murphy Radio Sports Day and Peartree

By WGCHT/ Matija Miljanic

Names: Bill and Paula E.

Subject: Murphy Radio sports day and Peartree

Duration: 5:46

Interview date: c2016

Bill, who was an apprentice at Murphy Radio and his wife Paula talk about Murphy sports day. I was an event in which many town residents competed in various sports, some were even trained by the famous British Olympic coach Harry Wilson. They also mention bingo meetings in the park which funded the construction of Gosling Stadium. Thirdly, they talk about Peartree Boys Club and its Methodist Church neighbour Peartree Girls Club. The Clubs organized sport practices and competitions, ballroom dances and events such as pantomime nights.

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  • I have a murphy radio if interested 😊

    By Ellie (13/08/2019)
  • Harry was my uncle. He trained Steve Ovett. He worked at Murphy Radio.

    By Richard Wilson (28/02/2018)