The Thalians and their History

By WGCHT/James Parrett

Welwyn Thalians

Name: Peter Dunham

Subject: The Welwyn Thalians

Duration: 8:37

Interview Date: c2016
Peter Dunham talks about his history with the Welwyn Thalians, the towns longest running drama/musical group, which was created in 1929 as many members of the Barnstormers wanted to focus more on musicals. He mentions his parents, who were involved in the group during it’s first productions, and how he came to join the Thalians from the Hatfield amateur dramatics society, during the Welwyn drama festival. He talks about performing at the Embassy Cinema, which closed in 1983, then goes on to mention the old rehearsal space, Lawrence Hall, which has also since closed. Finally, he talks about some of his friends in the group, and shares some anecdotes of his time with them.

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Welwyn Thalians

The Welwyn Thalians

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  • I haven’t found reference to the late 1940s when the repertoire was Gilbert and Sullivan. My father, Harrison Heap, was lead singer for many productions till we moved away early 50s just before Peter appeared but am sure his parents worked with my father on many great productions. I’ve just been listening to some of my favourite pieces.

    By Marion Titt (23/03/2021)